About the AIAP

The Association of International Audiophile Publishers (AIAP) is a voluntary professional organization composed of high-end audio and video publishers from around the world. Framed in 2021, and officially launched in 2022, the AIAP has established an agreed ethical and professional set of principles to which all signatories have committed themselves.

These standards are stated on the official AIAP Website, https://aiap.positive-feedback.com. (We have also reserved .net and .com for our site.) All readers are welcome to familiarize themselves with the principles of the AIAP here.

The AIAP was established by a group of nine member publications that are designated as “Founding Publications.” They are identified with logos at the AIAP site. Additionally, all AIAP members receive and may publish the official logo of the AIAP on their sites as they see fit. If a publication is listed here, and has our logo online, then they have signified their agreement with our standards. Operationally, it is a collection of equals, a kind of “knights of the round table” for its participants. Any decision-making involved is by the development of consensus and general agreement. That is how, for example, we all helped to create the principles that we are agreed upon and have published here.

Note that the AIAP is not a regulatory group, nor an ombudsmen organization. It is rather a confederation of independent publications with agreed principles. Beyond that, each publication is free to pursue its own operations. Anyone wishing to contact a particular publication can do so via the site links that we list on the AIAP site, and use the resources available there. Therefore, readers here should consider the AIAP to be a “read only” site, serving mainly to inform audiophiles and videophiles of our standards, and to list our member magazines.

Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles (English language download)

Statement of Principles (Croatian language download)

Statement of Principles (Polish language download)

Founding Publications

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